ILLUMINE is involved in the following research projects:

WiseIoT (2016-2018)

The scope is to create harmonised IoT architectures and reference implementations, integrating future generations of devices, embedded systems and network technologies and other evolving ICT advances. The objectives of the project are the following: (1) Create a joint European – Korean offer for IoT experimentation building upon standardized platforms and protocols (2) Test and validate …

CAP – Collaborative Analytics Platform (2014-2017)

Big data – Real time analytics across domains including Internet of Things and Online Social Networks

Web of Objects (2012-2015)

  Web of Objects is a European project involving partners from France, Korea and Spain. The general goal of the WoO project is to simplify object and application deployment, maintenance and operation of in-building Internet of Things infrastructures subject to strict constraints regarding resources as computing power, communication bandwidth and energy supply. The project will …


ExpeShare develops concepts and technologies that help people share multimedia content and experiences with each other. Content such as music, pictures, videos and games are often contained in mobile devices that have limited support for exchange and rendering. This project develops peer-to-peer networking technologies that facilitate sharing between mobile devices while taking into account the …